A Little Background...

Hi. My name is Kevin. I create interactive experiences for the purposes of training and social engagement.

So, what's "interactive?" Well, it is a way to tell a story.

It's often a word associated with technology, but in this case it means that, whether on a computer screen or in person, the audience is at the center of the story you are trying to tell. The story reacts to their actions and decisions. In short, instead of just watching, they get to play.

I got my start as a creator and performer. However, I discovered that the techniques I was using could go beyond interactive entertainment. By applying it to training simulations, medical students can practice delivering painful news to a seemingly real patient. In the classroom, a student on the spectrum can practice social engagements by speaking to virtual avatars. By applying interactive design to any medium, you allow it to adapt to a users wants and needs on a uniquely human level.



I am currently in Austin Texas as part of a research lab called the Interactive Deep Dive. During that time, I'm collaborating with V.R. designers, writers, artists, and educators to integrate interactive design into their work. If you have an interest in collaborating, want to ask a question, or want to discuss and idea, get in touch!